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COMM 494 Entrepreneurships & PR

This course is envisioned as a “final stop” before aspiring public relations, marketing, or social media professionals transition to the workforce. There is a unique opportunity offered for students to integrate theory and knowledge with hands-on experience carrying actual stakes - in this case, publicity and promotion for the University as a whole. The real-world experiences that entrepreneurships provide will help students understand how academic knowledge leads to transformations, innovations, and solutions to different types of problems. Students will also keep an online record of their semester’s service – providing material they can use to market themselves for professional positions.

COMM 495 Theme Parks

This class is designed to think about the mediation of the theme park as an environment, considering theoretical and critical frameworks for analyzing the industrial and cultural development of the theme park into the twenty-first century. Throughout the class, we will think about the way the spaces of theme parks work to construct meaning, whether through the construction of the spaces themselves, marketing and promotion, or through the complex intersection of forms of communication embedded within the most magical places on earth. Working together, students will gain a new understanding of how the contemporary theme park came to be, the intersections of media that create the experiences found within, and critical insight into the ongoing development of these spaces.

COMM 368 Internship

Communication internships offer practical work experience in a particular occupation to people who are new to the field. Internships strengthen resumes by giving students visible work experience and providing older job hunters with needed credentials to change careers.

All the information you need can be found on the website linked here. Take your time exploring the website, visit the website of Career Development Services to get help with your resume and enroll in "Careers4Monarchs", then come back here to download an application and get ready to earn academic credit for gaining work experience in your chosen field. 

COMM 495 Public Service Learning

This service-learning course is designed to expose communication students to the myriad public relations and marketing needs of local nonprofit, charitable and public-sector organizations. Students will spend the semester “matched” with a local agency in need. In addition, the course will include instruction in public relations skills, to impart students with knowledge they can impart in a real-world setting.

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