Welcome to the Communication ePortfolio Project

Welcome to our Communication ePortfolio blog! Over the course of this project I expect that several faculty members will share informal reflections about their ePortfolio experience, and who knows, maybe even a few students!

The page is a 'work in progress' as you might have noticed, but I thought it might be appropriate to reflect on the process of designing this page, and working on the Communication ePortfolio project for the first blog post. As I've started this page, and in working closely with the Communication ePortfolio team (Dr. Beck, Dr. Lefever, and Prof. Harrell), I've noticed that there is always more. More I want to say, more I want to add into the project, or more I want to share with my colleagues and students. Sure, I could again list the benefits of designing an ePortfolio, (or I could work on my personal page), but that is redundant and a blog is a place to share personal insights, reflection, or make note of progress. Personally, I am proud of the work the team has done so far! Designing the project itself, and this accompanying page meant to inform our peers, while also making the project structure acccessible and engaging has been an interesting challenge. I hope that if you're reading this, you're interested in including the Communication ePortfolio in your class, or perhaps you're a student that is interested in designing your own. Either way, welcome!

For now it's back to editing the content of this page and thinking about the best way to encourage students to showcase their best work for a professional environment. I can't wait to get the Fall semester started (remind me of that in October when I'm crushed under a pile of papers)! Until next time....

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