Guest Blog Post by Stephanie Gordon

This semester (Spring 2016) students had the opportunity to complete an extra credit survey during the first two weeks of class. Students that have completed this project before were invited to find articles about ePortfolio work being done (in other departments, other schools, or online) and share their thoughts. As we continue to assist our students growth and support the management of their professional image online, I find it worthwhile to learn their perspectives about the benefit of such a project or method of highlighting and showcasing sample work. Thank you to Ms. Gordon for agreeing to share her observations with us on our blog!

Stephanie Gordon, from COMM 351: Interpersonal Communication in Organizations, shares the following:

"4 Reasons Why You Need an Online Portfolio by Come Recommended

This article highlights some positives of creating and maintaining an ePortfolio and even breaks it down into four different reasons why. One huge advantage to breaking down the article into the four different sections it is makes it easier for a reader to scan through it and to acknowledge the positives that having an ePortfolio creates.

The article cites Forbes Magazine in that "56 percent of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s online portfolio than any other personal branding tool. However, only 7 percent of job seekers have created an online portfolio."

In reason number one, the article explains that an online portfolio can make any and all of the most current information that you want employers to know about you easily accessed by the companies and the individuals who would hire you.

Reason number two states that having an online portfolio can also be an extension of yourself. It allows an individual to upload past and current works they have done as well as more details about your skill sets that might not regularly be shown on a resume.

Organization is key to having a successful career and online portfolios help in that area as well as reason number three. Having an online portfolio allows you to have every single document needed in your professional life to be in one place, at one time so they can be accessed anywhere at any time.

The fourth reason as to why an online portfolio is a necessity for an individual is because it "can also be used as a tool to assess your own skills and professional growth. Having all these professional documents and activities gathered in one space allows you to see what you’ve accomplished, strengths, weaknesses, and identify what might need improvement." The main purpose of this article is to highlight and showcase the positives of utilizing an online portfolio and with it's well-detailed information and easy to read format I believe it does a fantastic job in doing so."

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